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Gujarat Agarbatti Manufacturers & Dealers Association

About us

Gujarat Agarbatti Manufacturers & Dealers Association (GAMDA) is a platform for incense sticks (or Agarbatti as it known in India) manufacturers, dealers and all others who deal with Agarbatti business directly or indirectly. GAMDA for the past 20 years is propelling the growth of its members. GAMDA is constantly exploring the opportunities to spread the fragrance of various aromas. GAMDA is eager to emerge as a giant force in the global trade of incense sticks.

Agarbatti is an inevitable part of our daily rituals and traditions from the past. It symbolises purity, holiness and divinity. It creates a divine atmosphere.

Its distinctive fragrance, when gushes in the air, entices, relaxes, soothes, refreshes and just creates this scintillating magic. Its fragrance brings warmth in our lives and makes us feel HIS divine presence.

GAMDA is eager to bring innovative fragrances for its customers with unique freshness. GAMDA is spreading its fragrance with continuous improvement in the way to success. The ever enthusiastic GAMDA Fraternity is continuously aspiring to give quality products to the global market.


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